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APPLY - National Committee Route

To apply through UWC Global Selection Program, see information about UWC Global Selection Program.

Please Read the Following Instructions Carefully prior to starting the application process.


The 2019 UWC Application Process will commence on 28 January 2019. To submit an application, see section C below. 


Students should note that the tuition offers cover school fees, room and board. They DO NOT cover airfare, pocket money, medical insurance, visa fees, purchase of academic materials, travel and accommodation during short holidays. Scholarships are offered on a needs-based mechanism. We therefore depend on parental contributions as an important component in ensuring that the students are comfortable throughout their two years.

For 2019, Tanzania has been allocated 10+ full and partial scholarship offers (4 international and 6+ at ISM in Tanzania). For the 4 international offers, applicants will be asked to indicate which offers they wish to be considered for. All Candidates will be automatically considered for the ISM scholarship offers. 

  1. Full tuition + expected total Parental contribution of USD 2,000 per year ($4,000 for both years) to cover expenses and pocket money (excl. airfare)
  2. Full tuition + expected total Parental contribution of USD 2,050 per year ($4,100 for both years) to cover expenses and pocket money (excl. airfare)
  3. Full tuition + expected total Parental contribution of USD 3,750 per year ($7500 for both years) to cover expenses and pocket money (excl. airfare)
  4. Partial Tuition (50%) + expected total Parental contribution of (i) $18, 500 to cover remaining 50% of fees (ii) $1,940 per year ($3,880 for both years) to cover expenses and pocket money (excl. airfare)


In preparation for their journey to become a UWC, this year in addition to the above listed scholarship offers to UWCs around the world, we are partnering with International School Moshi (ISM) to offer up-to-full scholarships at their two campuses in Arusha and Moshi. The form below will be used for all applications
Please note that these are additional up-to-fully funded scholarship offers, and are therefore over and above the four offers listed above.
All Applicants will be automatically considered for these additional scholarship offers at ISM. They therefore do not have to indicate their interest for these offers on the application form.   



STEP 1: Download and Complete the Application Package Below     

A complete application package consists of: 

  1. Application Form: Part A: Parents & Guardian consent Form & PART B: Applicant Application form
  2. Attachments:
  • Two letters of recommendation from your secondary school. 
  • CSEE candidates – copy of your Form IV results slip AND Official Transcripts for years 2017 and 2018
  • All other candidates – Complete official transcripts for the years 2017 and 2018 
  • Copy of birth certificate

STEP 2: Submit the Application and ALL attachments via the link below:  

Submit the Application Form and All Attachments in PDF format HERE (

Upload 1: Complete Application form and both References scanned together in one PDF document

Upload 2: All other supporting documents (e.g. birth certificate, school transcripts) scanned together in one PDF document

***New Deadline: 11:55 pm on Thursday 28 February 2019.

Only Applications submitted via the link above in PDF format will be considered, we will not accept hard copies / emailed / late applications.              

Selection Process

Shortlisted applicants will be contacted and notified of the interview dates.

The interview and assessment weekend will take place over a weekend (two days) in early March 2019. 

After the interviews, the committee will send its recommendations to relevant colleges. The colleges will make the final decision and contact the selected students directly.

Should you have any queries with regards to the application, drop us an email at