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Please Read the Following Instructions Carefully prior to starting the application process.

Dear Applicant,

Welcome to the 2018 UWC Application Process. The application has three (3) steps. For your application to be considered by the National committee, all steps have to be completed thoroughly.

A full application package consists of:

  1. Part 1: Short online Form. Click HERE to complete the form.
  2. Part 2: Information Parents & Guardians form signed by the applicant and their parent or guardian
  3. Part 3 :
  • Completed and signed Student Application Form (sections A & B)
  • Two letters of recommendation from your secondary school (section C)Provide two appropriate teachers from your school with section C of the form. Once complete, they should forward them to the selection committee before the application deadline (email & physical address details provided below).
  • CSEE candidates – copy of your Form IV results slip
  • All other candidates – Complete official transcripts for the last two years of high school
  • Copy of birth certificate

Scroll to the bottom of this page to download the application forms

Part 2 & Part 3 should be submitted in PDF Format (scanned) to with the subject line: UWC Tanzania 2018 Application – First Name Last Name
Deadline: 11:59pm on 28th February, 2018
We will not receive hard copies or late applications. 

UWC Tanzania NC                          

Selection Process

Shortlisted applicants will be contacted and notified of the interview dates.

The interview and assessment weekend will take place over a weekend (two days) in mid March 2018. 

After the interviews, the committee will send its recomendations to relevant colleges. The colleges will make the final decision and contact the selected students directly.

Should you have any queries with regards to the application, drop us an email at